Our cupcakes come in a wide range of flavours and styles, from simple butter cream rose swirls to more intricate designs. What ever the occasion, nothing says it better than delicious cupcakes. The Cakery Boutique only uses 100% butter in our butter cream, giving you an amazing and quality taste every time.
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Wedding cupcakes
Pretty cupcakes
Pistachio and Rose cupcakes
Pretty Cupcakes
Fruit topped cupcakes
mixed flavour cupcakes
Mermaid cupcakes
Mermaid Tail Cupcakes
Mermaid Cupcakes
Double stacker Cupcake
Unicorn birthday cupcakes
Superhero cupcakes
Chocolate overload cupcakes
toothless cupcakes
Sports car cupcakes
Chocolate topped cupcakes
Red velvet and Chocolate cupcakes
Unicorn Cupcakes
Floral cupcakes
Teddy bear cupcakes
Baby boy cupcakes
Unicorn cupcakes
Princess cupcakes
Beauty and the beast cupcakes
Hot air balloon cupcakes
Unicorn cupcakes
Cupcake Letter Bouquet
Salted caramel cupcakes
DJ cupcakes
Mothers day cupcake bouquet
Animal Cupcakes
Cupcake board
Mermaid Cupcake Board
Chocolate cupcakes
Mother's Day Chalkboard Cupcakes
Carrot cake cupcakes
Cookie monster cupcakes
Lemon roses cupcakes
The walking dead cupcakes
Vanilla cupcakes
Floral cupcakes
Pretty cupcakes
Girls Cupcakes
Teacher cupcakes
Cupcake bouquets
Teacher apple cupcakes
Ballerina cupcakes