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My 1st ever blog!

Well here it is, my 1st EVER blog, where do I start? I mean how do you actually start a blog? Is there a right or wrong way? I guess I should start by introducing myself, well I'm Hajar, most people call me just H, I'm the owner of The Cakery Boutique, the creator of all things delicious, the ruler of ganache, the empress of butter cream, the wizard of gooey rich brownies, armed with a spatula in one hand and a piping bag in the other, ready to take on the monstrous kitchen aid that will attempt to blast me with a tsunami of icing sugar! Too much? OK... I'm a busy mum of four extra adventurous gorgeous children, the apples of my eyes, the icing on my cake; they inspire me every day and bring so much happiness and laughter to my life. I live in east London and that's where my cake business runs from. So how did I get into cakes? I love all things cake, I always have, what I love more though is making some ones special day extra special with a show stopping cake! I started baking and decorating cakes about 5 years ago and got totally addicted! I'm not gonna lie, my 1st few cakes were, how can I say this? Not easy on the eyes! But they were for my little munchkins and every crumb was made with pure love. If you mess up a cake, it's not all bad right? You just eat your mistakes! So eventually with time and practice, A LOT OF PRACTICE, I got the gist of things and taught myself different skills and techniques until I was able to produce beautiful edible art. I then decided to start baking for friends and family for every birthday and event, and then a family member suggested that I should start my own cake business. At 1st I laughed, and laughed some more before thinking, actually yes, I love baking, I love decorating cakes and I love feeding people (yes I'm a feeder.) so thought why not? A couple of years later and I was up and running, Cake is like the answer for everything, it's the solution to every problem, I mean, who doesn't love cake? I'm in my element when I'm eating cake paired with a nice cup of tea! My waistline doesn't seem to agree but well worry about that later. I decided to start blogging so I can share some of my yummy recipes, post cake decorating tutorials and talk about upcoming wedding cake trends! So that's enough about me until next time, keep your eyes peeled for my next blog! Much love and sweetness

H x


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