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Sugar rose video tutorial

So I have recently been working on a variety of flowers for a wedding cake. Not just any wedding cake.. This will be my beautiful cousins wedding cake, this is a very special cake that will be traveling all the way to Morocco Casablanca! To say I’m a little anxious/ excited to be delivering it all the way to mother Africa is an understatement! I’ve had to adapt a few things with the sugar flowers, for example, I’ve not wired them, I don’t wanna be stopped by airport security now do I! I’m also taking it in two separate boxes, while lugging around my suitcase! Can you imaging having to hold a two-tier cake (I know, I know, what’s the big deal right?) ever hear of theory about the glass of water? If you hold it for a minute its easy peasy, add an hour and your arm will start to ache. Travel for 6 hours in total and your arm will fall off! A two-tier cake is a tad heavier so I think ill get to the “arm falling off” stage a lot quicker! Anyway, I have been meaning to do a video tutorial for some time now and though what better time to do it then now. It’s a bit rough on the edges; my video editing skills are not as great as my cakey skills. So here it is. My first ever video tutorial, I hope you enjoy it!

Much love and sweetness


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