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Terms & Conditions

Retainers, Deposits, Payments & Taxes

  1. The date of the event is considered “booked” upon receipt of a non-refundable booking fee equaling 50% of the total value of the cake. Delivery charges, equipment deposit & hire are not included in the 50% non-refundable booking fee.

  2. The final payment is due 7 days prior to event. Orders under£100 have to be paid in full.

  3. If the cake is booked 10 days or less before the reception, the deposit will equal 100% of the total cost,

  4. If the Client fails to make payments, The Cakery Boutique will cease work, the order will be cancelled and no refund will be given.

  5. Preferred methods of payment are bank transfer/cash

  6. The Client will have a grace period of 7 days after the deposit payment date to make any changes to the design. This is only accepted at The Cakery Boutique’s discretion.

  7. Late payments may cause the order to be cancelled without any notice



  1. The Cakery Boutique is not responsible for bodily injury, property or consequential damage, which may result from services.

  2. The Cakery Boutique is not responsible for any damage to the cake or shortage of cake caused by anyone NOT employed by The Cakery Boutique

  3. The Cakery Boutique will not deliver a cake if payments have not been paid in full.



Fulfillments of Contract

  1. The Cakery Boutique is not responsible for any delay or inability to deliver based on accidents, natural disasters, transportation issues, inclement weather, illness, death, labor troubles, delay in supplies, disputes or strikes, or any other circumstance beyond The Cakery Boutique’s control.

  2. If The Cakery Boutique has completed the cake but we cannot deliver due to uncontrollable circumstances, the Client will be refunded 100 % of the total cost.

  3. If Client picks up the cake, the Cakery Boutique no longer assumes any responsibility for damage caused to it.



  1. The Client must notify The Cakery Boutique if there is a change in the date of the event or a complete cancellation.

  2. If the postponement occurs before 21 days of the event, no penalty fee will be charged.

  3. If the postponement occurs after 14 days prior to the event, the Client will be charged a £25 fee.

  4. If a cancellation occurs 30 days before the date of the event, all money will be refunded minus the retainer fee. 

  5. If a cancellation occurs after 14 days before the event, 75% will be refunded less the non-refundable retainer fee

  6. If the customer is not satisfied  with an order due to the design not being similar to the requested design, a full refund will be given when the untouched/uneaten cake has been returned within 24 hours.


Changes to Order

  1. Any small changes must be submitted 30 days in advance. (subject to approval)

  2. There will be no changes allowed 14 days prior to the event.

  3. Any change made must be within the original cost of the order. Any extra work will be charged accordingly.


Design of the Cake

  1. The Cakery Boutique will follow the Client’s requests closely to create the exact cake desired or as close as. 

  2. The Cakery Boutique cannot duplicate an exact copy of another cake artist’s work but will ensure the look is similar

  3. All cakes at The Cakery Boutique will have a chocolate ganache coating under fondant covering to guarantee a smooth finish. This does not always apply to buttercream cakes.

  4. Sugar decorations will vary and may not look identical to a cake previously made by The Cakery Boutique as no 2 hand made products can be the same.


Serving Amount & Sizes

  1. The serving sizes vary depending on the size cake/s you have chosen.

  2. Serving size estimations are not guaranteed to be exact. A serving cutting guide is available on request.

  3. The Cakery Boutique is not responsible for a shortage of cake if the pieces are cut too large.


Allergy & Dietary Warnings

  1. The Cakery Boutique’s goods may have come in contact with the following ingredients:

  2. Nuts

  3. Milk

  4. Peanuts

  5. Cereals

  6. Soy beans

  7. Sulphites & Sulphur Dioxide (e.g. preservatives found in some dried fruits.)

  8. Natural dyes, artificial dyes, artificial flavourings, sugar, artificial sweeteners, artificial colour and other allergens not listed.

  9. The Client is responsible for pointing out to guests potential allergy hazards


Ornaments & Special Equipment

  1. A £60 deposit is required for all Cake stand hire.

  2. A fee of £20 per day will be charged for stand hire.

  3. The equipment must be returned within the next day of the event.

  4. The returned equipment is evaluated and a refund of the deposit is based on the condition of the items.

  5. All personally supplied items must be submitted to The Cakery Boutique at least 7 days prior to the event


Delivery and Set Up and Collections

  1. There is a delivery fee charged depending on the distance of the venue/ delivery address.

  2. The Cakery Boutique is not responsible for tardiness if the venue is changed within 48 hours of the event.

  3. The Client may pick up the cake. The Client assumes liability once it passes into the Client’s possession.

  4. The Client is responsible for providing a suitable environment for the cake (away from heaters, vibrations, people, suitable surface, suitable outdoor setting).

  5. The Client must sign a waiver to ensure the condition of the cake is satisfactory.

  6. Once the waiver is signed, The Cakery Boutique is not responsible for the cake including collapse, melting, pokes etc.

  7. Collection of the cake/s should be done within the time slot agreed on.

  8. If the Client is running late and does not notify The Cakery Boutique, The Cakery Boutique has the right to change the time slot to the next possible available slot. This is at The Cakery Boutique’s own discretion

  9. If after several failed attempts at contacting the Client regarding lateness of collection, The Cakery Boutique has the right to rearrange a collection slot for the next working day.

  10. If failure to collect the cake the next working day, The Cakery Boutique reserves the right to cancel the order

  11. donate or sell the cake on. No refund will be issued if this occurs.



  1. The Cakery Boutique reserves the right to use all photographs of the cake for advertising purposes.


Gift Vouchers, special Offers and Deals.

  1. Gift vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with ANY special offers or deals.

  2. Gift Vouchers can be used on any celebration cake or classes. (Subject to availability) unless otherwise stated.

  3. The Cakery Boutique has the right to cancel any special offer or deal at any time without notice.

  4. Gift vouchers cannot be exchanged for any money, any left over voucher sum can go towards the Clients next order with The Cakery Boutique

  5. Offers and deals are subject to availability.

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